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Leiberman Live

Interview: Leiberman Live on Howard 101

The door to Howard's compound, I wasn't allowed in but if the rest of the Sirius studio is any indication... it must be amazing!

The door to Howard's compound, I wasn't allowed in but if the rest of the Sirius studio is any indication... it must be amazing!

What is a Wack Pack?

If you've ever found yourself singing "Imran Khan lives with his dad and mom", the Wack Pack needs no introduction but for those of you that are not familiar with the Howard Stern radio show... the "Wack Pack" is a term used for the people who regularly call into the Stern Show who may not be, lets say, so regular. Over-the-top fans, angry drunks and people who appear less than balanced are but a few of the folks who make up this odd yet completely fascinating group.

'Leiberman Live' is a fifteen minute news program that runs daily on Howard's SiriusXM radio channel. The show is a rather unimaginable mixture of real news, Wack Pack reactions to said news, and one outsider who has a unique perspective on the topics of the day.

Yesterday, I was that outsider...

The show was incredibly fast-paced, often serious and periodically ridiculous - I had a fantastic time and getting to do the show live at the Sirius studios in New York City was a blast. When I was booked on the show last month the topic was parenting and spanking but the tragic school stabbings that occurred yesterday and the news story about the couple who took their small children on a ill-fated trip across the ocean, were also addressed. The show may not be for everyone, but if you think you may enjoy hearing me give rapid-fire answers to serious parenting questions just moments after men named Bobo and Ira the Weatherman (I don't think he was really a meteorologist) prattle on about, well, I'm not sure about what - I'd check it out.

Huge thank you to Howard Stern (Who I'm sure doesn't know I exist), Jon Leiberman (Who was a mensch) and Connie (Jon's fabulous producer) for having me on the show - great time, big fan!

My apologies to those who are currently singing "Imran Khan Lives with his dad and mom" - maybe the audio from my segment will help to cleanse your brain pallet...

Check out the reader reviews for my book, 'Life Is Short, Laundry Is Eternal', I think you'll like them!

Check out the reader reviews for my book, 'Life Is Short, Laundry Is Eternal', I think you'll like them!

The Wrap Up Show

I found the Howard Stern Show in 1987, one year after it debuted on Philadelphia radio and I've been listening ever since. I've attended a number of Stern events like the John Debella Funeral, Howard's record breaking book signing and a taping of America's Got Talent. My wife and I were even extras in his movie, 'Private Parts' just days before our wedding in 1996, though Kelly only appears onscreen for a brief moment.

I listen most every day, but I've never called the show until today...


 I know that some people have a negative view of the Howard Stern Show, but I love it. It's not the dirty, senseless, base entertainment that some would say. In my mind, the Stern Show is near perfect. I've learned so much about how people speak to one another from my time as a listener. I hear beats in language that may not be evident to others, conversation can take on a pentameter like flow in the right hands and if I am any measure of a storyteller, it's because of Howard Stern and the people he does his show with - which is why I thank Howard in the acknowledgements of my book, 'Life Is Short, Laundry Is Eternal'. 

 I don't quite know why I was moved to call into the Wrap Up Show today, TWUS airs immediately after each live Howard Stern Show, but I'm happy that I did.

Gary and Jon 

Gary and Jon 

The Wrap Up Show is hosted by Jon Hein and longtime Stern Show producer Gary Dell'Abate. I could hear writer Benjy Bronk and a host of other familiar voices as my call went live on the air and I was actually a bit nervous, which shocked me after all of the television and radio that I did this year for the book. So much so that I found myself short of breath after I spoke. Anyway, I went on to talk about a topic that only a true fan of the show could possibly care about, it was frivolous and fun but very real - just as life often is. 

Two highlights of the call (for me), I made a suggestion for the show that Gary said was funny and he indicated that he would take it to their writers meeting and at some point I made a comment that caused Benjy to laugh which reminded me of hearing Fred Norris of in the background of the Stern Show... laughing just of mike.



After my point had been made and the people in studio began to speak to each other, I felt like my time on air was finished. A few moments later, the phone went dead and I assumed that they were finished with me and I hung up. A few minutes after I hung up Gary said, "Did we lose Scott... I wanted to let him plug his book". When I heard those words as I listened back, my heart stopped, not because I didn't get to plug, but because I almost got to say my full name followed by the title of my first book on my favorite show. That would have just been amazing.

Later in the afternoon I took a chance and sent a message to Jon Leiberman, who is a reporter for the show. I asked simply if he thought my acknowledgement to Howard would be an interesting story for him to pursue. He's calling me tomorrow... Hoping that the call pans out. One way or the other, I was on the Wrap Up Show today!