Introduction: Scott Benner

I'm a Stay-At-Home Dad. A type I diabetes advocate and blogger. I'm an author. I'm a husband, a believer in family, lover of love, user of sarcasm and much more.

I wrote my first book in elementary school and dreamt from that day forward about communicating with people. I began my type I diabetes caregiver blog, 'Arden's Day' on August 16, 2007. Publishing my thoughts online helped me to hone my writing, find a voice and build a following.

Sharing my life as a parent of a child with type i diabetes is as gratify a passion as I could have ever imagined. I love being even a small part of helping to make someone's day a little easier, less lonely and more hopeful.

In 2012 my writing caught the attention of a publishing company after I wrote a sidebar for a book they were preparing titled, 'Kids First, Diabetes Second'. The book's author Leighann Calentine is a friend of mine and she was so kind to ask me to make a small contribution to her book.

Some months later I was on my way to writing my own book about parenting and now I have this little space on the Internet where I will be blogging about what it was like to write my first book. I'll be sharing my experiences with the publishing, launch and PR process.

My book is titled Life Is Short, Laundry Is Eternal: Confession of a Stay-At-Home Dad. It is available for pre-order at Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but if you don't know me from Arden's Day then we aren't up to the point (yet) where you'll want to order it.

I hope that you enjoy this blog and are moved to reach out and say hello.